Teaching: don’t feed solutions, ask questions and help finding their answers

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Does everyone love to learn new things? Do you? You probably tell yourself so. But would you really like to have to spend time learning anything? Think of that very boring thing you had to learn in that very boring class. Even that? Come on.

Anyway, I trust you answered no. Me too, I love to learn new things. But I too don’t like to be made learn some things. From time to time every one of us have to learn thinks like that. Things we don’t really see the practicality of, but need to reach some milestone.

No advice there, if you’re in this situation, just plow through. Or not.

But when we are the teachers, when we want people to learn something for any reason, how can we do better?

My suggestion here is to not just tell people to read something. Instead, ask questions (hopefully that hook them) and point sources that would help them (maybe include that thing you wanted them to read in the first place, but not that only).

I feel that when I have to learn something because I have a question in mind (or a specific problem to solve), I tend to evaluate better what I read. And it takes the boredon away. That’s something positive, isn’t it?




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